Essential Oils in the Kitchen?


What do essential oils have to do with my kitchen, you might ask?  Well the aim for my personal unprocessed kitchen is not just with the foods  I choose to feed my family, but also with the OTC products I keep in my medicine cabinet.  Plus some oils you can use in your cooking, albeit sparingly because they are strong!  For example, tonight I added 2 drops of lemon oil, which is my new favorite essential oil, to our shrimp and cauliflower “rice” pilaf.  It is known for its antioxidant benefits as well as detoxification.  I also like to put a few drops in my water for a nice lemony taste!

I was first introduced three years ago to Doterra. I had gone back to work teaching full-time and it was tough on my family’s immune systems.  We went from being home all the time, to being elsewhere and exposed to everything everyday.  We were all so very sick.  Time, after time, after time.  A dear friend/parent of mine graciously brought me a bottle of On Guard as she could see that we were suffering.  It was an awesome preventative and early onset solution and it really, really worked.  In fact, I loved it so much I started to pay it forward and share it with others because I truly saw it working for us.  Being sick sucks, and I love my friends and hate it when they or their kids are sick, so why not share, right?!

Until more recently, I was using just a few of their oils, but it wasn’t until we changed our eating that I began to really question what was in my medicine cabinet and which items contained sugar (seriously that stuff is in everything!!!) or other curious ingredients. How did these products align with the other care I was giving my children?  I decided to switch it up a bit and began experimenting with other oils like peppermint and lavender for common aliments.  We began taking probiotic and taking Epsom salt detox baths.  We loved them and how they worked for us and I loved that I was teaching my kids how to care for themselves in a different way.

In my journey with essential oils, I’ve learned a few things that can be helpful if you are getting started or haven’t had success yet.  One, consistency is key. In our house we apply morning and night to the bottom’s of our feet.  Your feet are very porous so that is a great, simple way to apply.  Two, set yourself up for success.  In our family we love the roller-ball containers.  I’ve taught my kids how to apply certain oils to their own feet using the roller bottle.  My nine-year old is quite emotional at times, and she uses Lavender as needed to calm herself.  Since applying twice daily, she is much calmer and needs to use it intermittently less often.  I  also love the fact that she has a great tool to self-soothe when needed.  Three, don’t expect results after one application necessarily.

Since becoming a Doterra Wellness Advocate, I have learned and am still learning, so much about the vast number of oils and blends out there to help with various ailments and issues.  There are blends to help with everything from sleep to anxiety and depression.  If you have questions or various issues/ailments you would like options for, please contact me, and I will share what I am learning through the wealth of information I have at my fingertips. Just FYI, it doesn’t stop with the oils, we also have house care products (cleaning), as well as beauty products like skin care and shampoos and conditioners!    I’ll be sharing some more info about these products as I go!  I would also love to hear from you about what kinds of information you would like to learn about Doterra products and the business.  You can leave a comment here or on my soon to be FB page.

One last thing!   You can also head over and check out my Doterra website at  There are lots of great tips on oils and other wellness products, the business, and kits over there.  As well as the option for shopping. Hooray for shopping!



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