essential oil real life use # 1: melaluca and lavender


Using essential oils can be overwhelming at first.  There are so many oils not to mention blends, and there are so many ways to combine and apply them.   It’s really enough to make your head spin.

Well slowly but surely our household is getting the hang of it, and my belief in the power of these beautiful gifts of the earth is growing everyday.  I am a skeptic, as you can tell from our short hiatus on the  GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet, but my skepticism is subsiding as I see these oils really, really, work.

My latest discovery came yesterday when my son was sent home from school with some ear pain and a low-grade fever.  I poked around for some recipes and found the combination of Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil) and Lavender are great for ear infections, which is what I suspected was going on here.  Thanks to my handy Family Physicians Kit, I had both on hand.  Sweet!

It was super easy to apply .  I dropped a drop of lavender on a q-tip and swabbed it inside his ear just before the ear canal.  I followed it with a drop of Melaleuca and then swabbed behind his ear as well.  Ear pain was gone in a few hours and the fever was down.  I gave one more application just to be safe, and he was back at school today with no complaints.

Short, sweet, and real life use #1.


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