10 common tried and true uses for lavender, lemon, and peppermint oils

my little green plants getting lots of use


So you like the idea of essential oils, but you’re not quite sure what you’d actually do with them.  Rest assured you are not alone.  Well, I’m here to spare you the pain and wasted dollars, and share with you 10 ways we actually have used Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint oils in our home.  Here they are in no particular order, except maybe the afternoon pick-me up, especially this week since I am subbing full time!

  • an afternoon pick me up: a couple drops of lemon and peppermint oil in your water act as a little boost.  When I need a “I have toothpicks holding my eyes open” kind of pick me up, I might put a couple drops of each in my afternoon black tea.  Then I’m really moving again.
  • to help with the discomfort of seasonal or environmental allergies: equal combinations of the three act as a natural antihistamine.  My son and daughter both suffer from allergies.  My son’s are chronic and my daughter’s are more seasonal.  We use the combination layered on their feet to help, and it does!
  • Kick the cold: when we have a cold, and I say we, because whoever has one person in their family just catch a cold?!  A teaspoon of raw honey, a couple drops of lemon and some fresh grated ginger with hot water is the morning, afternoon, and bedtime drink of choice.  It really seems to speed up recovery time, and that’s exactly what it’s supposed to do.
  • Accentuate the dish: When a recipe calls for lemon juice, or you want to add a lemon flavor to something, a drop or two of lemon oil, as you finish things up, is a quick and easy way to get the flavor and all the added bonuses of the oil itself.  Lemon yogurt, peppermint macaroons?  A win, win, if you ask me.
  • Headache relief: Have a headache?  A little peppermint oil right on the temples works for me.  Careful though if you have sensitive skin, and dilute with some liquid coconut oil or oilve oil.  You’ll still get relief from applying to the feet if that’s the route you choose.
  • Calm yourself:  In need of a chill pill?  Lavender is great either taken internally (you can drop some in your water, not my personal favorite, but it works), or you can apply topically to the bottom of feet.
  • Sleep:  Sleepless in Seattle or where ever you are?  I can relate.  When my brain gets going in certain directions, it’s like there’s no shut off valve. Well that was until I discovered Lavender.  If I’m really having trouble I layer on some frankincense too.
  • Eczema: My son has terrible eczema.  I prefer not to treat with steroids, which is what we used to do.  Now we drop about 5 drops of lavender and 5 drops of melaleuca into a tablespoon of liquid oil like coconut or olive, mix and apply.  I’ve read the lavender alone can be effective, but we seem to be getting greater relief from the combination of the two and constant twice a day application. His is pretty awful, so we need the double- duo treatment…
  • Tummy Time: Peppermint is awesome for nausea.  My son recently had the flu- the vomiting kind.  A little peppermint on his feet (and mine) and we were all set for our trip to Hawaii.  Whew, that was close!  I brought it with me just in case anyone else came down with it in transit or once there.  Luckily we didn’t use it for that.
  • Sun-burn relief:  We were lucky enough to go to Hawaii for spring break.  I still can’t believe we made it happen.  Being from Montana, we arrived the whitest people there.  But alas, the sun was too enticing for us to be as smart as we should.   A little lavender to soothe the skin was awesome for our pink skin.  Also, my daughter got some sort of a sun-rash while there, and I knew peppermint was an anti inflammatory so I thought, what the heck?  It seemed to reduce the swelling each day, until of course we headed right back out into the sun (it’s still winter in Montana, can you blame us?).  She’s nine and very opinionated about sun shirts…..

There you have it.  10 simple and easy ways to get started trying some natural remedies for you and your family.  No chemicals or additives doing who knows what to you or your little’s body (they are even safe for an infant’s feet). I mean, why start with something that might be unnecessary when you can try this first?

For under $30 you can purchase all three of these oils.  I can only imagine what the costs would be for all the items you would otherwise purchase.  Suntan lotion, aloe, antihistamines, chill pills, coffee , tea, soda, or energy drinks,  antacids, lemon juice, pain relief.  The list goes on.

So, have you tried any of these oils? What do you think?  Leave a comment and let me know which ones you’ve tried and how you’ve used them.  I ‘d love hear from you or try to answer any questions you might have.

Now off to take a soak and rub up my feet with Lavender.


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