Eczema and Essential Oils

photo 1

Do you battle with eczema or other skin conditions?  My son battles with eczema and I really hate using steroids to treat it.  Even a little bit topically seems to turn him into a mad man (not really, but he does get extra, extra sensitive). I was really excited to learn about a natural remedy for us to try, and now I am even more excited that it doesn’t burn or sting when I apply it. Putting things that sting or burn on this kid, or even just might sting or burn, is most certainly like trying to nail jello to a tree.  So my nailing jello to a tree days are over for now. Hello gratitude!

For about 2 weeks I have been slathering him twice a day with melaleuca and lavender mixed with a carrier oil (I forgot once or twice this weekend, darn it!).  I use about a tablespoon of organic olive oil to 5 drops of melaleuca and 5 drops of lavender.  I store in a glass jar so I can reuse daily.  We’ve been applying morning and night and here is the progress we’ve made.

photo 2
After 2 weeks

The redness and swelling are down, and what’s left is more like a scar.  It’s not itchy or bothering him anymore, so I, my friends, am elated and most importantly so is he! Hopefully we will be fully back on track before too long, as I believe the diet really gets to the root cause of his eczema.

So there you have it.  Another real life essential oil use, and this one has tangible proof! I’d love to hear from you, too.  What oils do you like to use?  What do you use them for?  If you have eczema or someone you love does, I’d also love to hear what you think are the causes of yours/theirs.

Furthermore, if you are interested in purchasing some oils you can find them on my website for retail price (, or for as little as $35 dollars you can join our wholesale club (works like Costco) and save 25% on all oils.  Talk to me. I would love to help you get started and it’s seriously quite a deal.  Not only are you saving on the oils, but ultimately you save by not having to purchase a bunch of OTC items, that expire or can only be used for 1 thing.  For more information check out my other recent blogs on oils:



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