Vanilla Almond Milk

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Vanilla Almond Milk

Need milk with your coffee, tea, or your grain-free granola?  Well, so my friend do I!  And, I am here to tell you, there is not a store bought nut milk that doesn’t have something in it that’s questionable.   So here I sit these days, making my very own milk.

At first, the idea of making my own milk sounded ridiculous to me.  I mean who has to make their own milk?  And how would it ever be thick and creamy like the stuff you can buy at the store?  I mean really  it needs to be good enough to add to my tea (because that’s how I know if I can really use it).  Not separate and stuff, you know what I am saying?

Well, because I became committed (some may argue crazy) to improving our lives by improving the quality of the food we eat, I sucked it up and gave it a try one afternoon.  Shockingly I did not die from the effort put forth, and in fact I realized how easy it was (less than 7 minutes).  So here I am months later, making my own milk once or twice a week.  It’s creamy, it’s delicious and it doesn’t separate in my morning tea!


1/2-1 tablespoon of raw honey

1/2-1 tablespoon of vanilla

1 cup of soaked almonds (soak them overnight)

4 cups of water

1 nut milk bag, or cheese cloth

1 large bowl

Add all ingredients (minus the nut milk bag/cheesecloth and bowl of course!) to your high-speed blender.  Blend for 5 minutes.  Pour all  into your nut milk bag or into the cheesecloth ( in small batches) and squeeze to get out as much liquid as possible (I like to let my kids help with the squeezing).  Pour into mason jar and chill.  Mmm, so good!

photo 1 (2)
Leftover pulp from the milk made into flour.

Tip: save the leftover pulp and dehydrate to use as flour!

PS- It was my 6 year old son’s idea to add the vanilla and honey; I think it is quite good without, but he of course loves the added touch of sweetness and flavor.


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