doTerra? Network marketing? What is she doing?


Network Marketing?  What is she doing?  I always thought the same thing, and now here I sit.  So what changed?  I’ll tell you what changed, I’ve watched many, many women actually be successful in such a business.  Some have been so successful their spouses have retired and joined them, others are making 5 figures a month right here in my town.  Watching success after success story makes the whole idea less crazy, don’t you think?  Well I thought so, and when I really gave doTerra a second look, I decided to take the risk.

So, here you have it, in no particular order, the reasons why I choose doterra and the business model I did:

  • quality of the product– all doTerra oils are Certified Pure Therapeautic Grade (CPTG).  They are the safest and purest form of the oil you can get.  They are distilled using a low heat steam method that protects the chemical compounds of the plant as they occur naturally when pulled from the earth.  Watch this video to learn more.
  • co impact sourcing– I love the positive impact the company is making around the world.  They source the plants where they grow ideally, which is frequently in countries that suffer economically and environmentally. They are able to create jobs and fair incomes (paid on-time).  Through the Healing Hands Foundation they are building schools, and community centers, and bringing clean water to places without.  Check out this video for more information.
  • retention rate– Most direct selling companies have a retention rate of 10-15%, while doTerra has a retention rate of 65%. The oils work so people continue to use, share or build with them.  There has to be correlation between that and my odds for success!
  • flexibility– I’ve been back to work 3 times since my daughter was born, really more than that if you count all my odd jobs like tutoring, or taking care of another infant.  With this work from home model, I am granted the flexibility of what hours I choose to work, which means the world to me! The hardest part of having set hours for me is the guilt that comes from not being able to stay home with a sick child, or not being able to give them that day of rest when they are coming unglued.  Then there is using all my sick days for them, and not having any leftover for myself.  Having to trudge into teach a class full of children when I feel awful. Not to mention those days when you just feel plain run-down.  Sound familiar?
  • the increasing movement for natural remedies- not only are doTerra products of the highest quality, they are increasingly in high demand.  As traditional mainstream OTC medicines become more expensive, and people become educated on side effects there is a growing movement towards natural remedies like essential oils.  If your going to sell a product it should be something you care to stand behind, but it should also be something that people need.  As we educate more people about how to conveniently care for themselves and their families, the movement will continue to grow!
  • community- The nature of the business depends on supporting one another’s success. When I succeed, the women around me succeed. People are checking in with me left and right.  Showing me the ropes, asking me how I am doing, and what I might need.  What can they do for me?  People building one another up on a daily basis as opposed to tearing each other down.  It feels good.
  • options– you can join doTerra as a user, sharer, or builder.  You don’t have to try to build a business team, you can merely join and use the oils for a discounted price (saving 25%), or join and share the oils to try to earn yours free, or you can build a business like me.  Either way the amount you invest is minimal.  Your risk is minimal (as minimal as $35) and the potential of reward is pretty great.
  • odds– I chose doTerra because it is a product I can stand behind, but also because my odds of financial and personal success as a network marketer are far greater than what I am likely to experience elsewhere.  82% of women who make over $100,000 a year do it through a home-based business like doTerra.  I am willing to give it a fair shot.  The pay off could be enough to really make a difference in our lives.  My husband has worked ridiculously hard for many years to support us, what I wouldn’t give to let him take a break!
  • cohesiveness– The oils compliment my other passions in the kitchen, and I already use the products.  At the very least I’ll get some oils for free and share some ideas for healthy living, maybe making a difference here or there.

So there you have it, and here I am, taking a risk.  So, what if I fail you may say?  Yes, but what if I don’t?  If I never did anything because I was afraid to fail, I wouldn’t have half the stories I do up my sleeve.  And that friends, would be boring!

PS- For a good laugh on preconceived notions about Network Marketing watch this videoAnd, as always, contact me if you would like more information on doTerra.  You can also visit my website at


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