Elevate Yourself With Elevation-Blend of the Week

downloadWe’ve been playing with the elevation essential oil blend for a few weeks.  It is a great combination of oils blended together with the intention of stimulating a person’s body chemistry who is feeling tired or sad.  If you’ve known me this last decade and a half (that’s as far back as I can remember anyway), you know tired is my middle name.  I ideally could sleep 12 hours each night.  Since turning 30 and having children that has been, well, not so much the norm. So the phrase, “I am tired” has become quite possible the most frequently used word in my vocabulary.  In fact I can only guess there have been days when I have said it approaching 20 times.

Since expanding my use of the oils to include some of these doTerra blends like Elevation and changing my diet, I can say truly, and I mean truly, I feel so much better. I am so much less tired, and I am getting less sleep and working paying jobs more than I have in years.  Can’t complain about that!

As far as Elevate helping me with sadness, my bouts historically have been so cyclical it is hard to say whether or not there is a difference in the frequency of the cycles at this point.  What I can say is I am feeling better than I have in a long time and that is worth something!  That being said, I am not doing a controlled experiment here.  There are plenty of variables that could be contributing to the results, I get that.  Clearly we’ve changed lots so it is hard to pinpoint exactly what is making the difference. But, who cares, I’m just rolling with it.  As long as you feel good, why change a thing?!!

Back to Elevation; this is a blend that can be used topically as well as aromatically.  I like to apply it to the soles of the feet and then cup my hands and breathe deeply what is left on my hands.  I recently learned if you are taking the oils for emotional reasons, it is best to diffuse or inhale, as they reach the targeted area of the brain a little quicker. Makes sense to me, so I like to double up if you will.  Can I change the phrase to, kill as many birds as I can with as many stones as I have? Not as catchy, eh?

Anyway, according to my Modern Essential app, the blend contains the following oils:

  • Lavandin-targets depression and anxiety
  • Lavender- created balance, relieves depression, and increases relaxation
  • Tangerine-has a sedative nature
  • Elemi-antidepressant and sedative in nature
  • Lemon Myrtle-uplifiting and refreshing
  • Melissa-helps with depression, anxiety and uplifts due to lemony scent
  • Ylang-Ylang-calming and relaxing
  • Osmanthus- uplifting

My understanding is the more you layer oils that target a given issue, the more effective the results can be.  You can see this in the above pretty clearly. And this is why, there are many mornings in our household, where us ladies lather up in balance, elevate, grapefruit, and orange, in an effort to promote peace and joyousness in the house.  I gotta say, so far so good!

The Modern Essential App also says the primary uses for this oil include but are not limited to the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief/Sorrow
  • Lupus
  • Poison Ivy
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Energy
  • Stress

Well, I’m no scientist, although I am the daughter of one, so that counts for something, right? Either way, I hope you feel a little more informed about this super blend that we carry.  If you think you or someone you know are a good candidate for a blend like this, give me a shout, or check out my website at mydoterra.com/aimeeschrank.  We will help you get started elevating yourself! And as always, may our kitchens (and medicine cabinets) become a little less processed one day at a time.




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