Astounded: Real Results for the Essential Oil Doubter

Natural Remedies

Astounded. Really, I can think of no other word right now for the experience I had yesterday.  Here’s a little background for you. I have been subbing full-time in the classroom the last few days. My son told his teacher he wasn’t feeling well, but he also told her he couldn’t go home, because I was subbing and dad was out-of-town. She caught me in the hall to let me know, and confirmed he was looking a little glossy eyed.  After school finished he met me in the classroom, and I could tell he wasn’t feeling so great.  As a mother will do, I felt his forehead and confirmed the fever.  Poor guy!

It was a low-grade fever at first, which I usually don’t treat because I know it just means your body is doing what it’s supposed to.  However, by 5 pm he was sound asleep with a fever of 104.  I wanted to give him some ibuprofen, but I decided to trust the oils.  If the fever didn’t reduce pretty quick with the oils, I would bust out the ibuprofen.  I pulled out my trusty Modern Essentials app to decipher what oils I should use.  I chose to use all the recommended oils I had on hand, because I really, really wanted them to work. And I really, really wanted his fever to come down quick!  I layered a few drops of lemon, peppermint, and clove right on the soles of his feet, and tucked him into my bed so I could keep an eye on him throughout the night. In less than an hour he had cooled significantly, to the point I knew the oils were working.  Thank you sweet Jesus! By the time we woke this morning, his fever had come down to 99.6, which strangely tends to be normal for him.

Astounded, right? I mean, there was a part of me that was thinking, this is way to big of a job for some oils on the feet.  It started to spike again this morning, and so I re-applied. Fever is gone, at least for now!  And for good measure I’m also using some oregano and onGuard to tackle the root cause, whatever that may be.

So, my plan was to share a recipe today, but I felt compelled to share this instead. I want people to know that these oils, really, really work.  I’m not just full of it, or another sales person.  I believe in them, and my belief is growing stronger everyday.  I mean I’ve always loved the idea of them, but I also tend to be pretty skeptical (which is good I think), and yet time and again I get to love the results just as well.  Skepticism is shrinking and I’m learning to rely on my oils.

That being said, there is certainly a time and a place for traditional/western medicine.  But for me, for everyday issues, natural medicine is a great option, and it’s a great option to be used in conjunction with traditional options when you need them (sometimes we have to double up, and sometimes we can only do what we can do).  And sometimes it is modern medicine alone that saves the day, and for that I am super thankful.  I mean, I still keep a few traditional OTC products in my cupboard for now; just in case.  But I love that I have natural choices right at my finger tips, and they work.

If you’re interested in using the oils on yourself or with your family, I can steer you in the right direction and get you started.  We have a couple of great beginner kits.  Just contact me for some info, and as always, may our kitchens (and medicine cabinets) become a little less processed one day at a time!


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