InTune: doTerra Essential Oil Blend of the Week

InTune Essential Oil Blend

Are you or one of your loved ones hyperactive?  Do you or does someone you know have trouble concentrating or focusing on tasks at hand?  Do you know someone with Sensory Processing issues, depression or anxiety?  The InTune blend by doTerra is a wonderful blend of essential oils that are known to help with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, calming, clarity, concentration, focus, hyperactivity, and stress.  Whew, that’s alot of benefits for one little bottle of goodness! Some of the oils it contains are known for their ability to cross the blood brain barrier (due to containing sesquiterpenes) allowing them to directly reach the cells of the brain making it ideal for helping with the aforementioned conditions.  I discovered this blend on a FB group where a mom wrote in about using it to help with her child’s sensory processing issues. I decided to dig a little deeper and when I did, I concluded it would be worthwhile for us to give it a try.

I purchased this oil with the aim of improving my child’s concentration.  It’s early in the game, and so far I can’t tell that it is helping him concentrate or stay on task necessarily (although I did get a phone call from his tutor saying he did awesome this week), but it most definitely has a calming effect on him (and me).  The thing I am learning about using these oils, is that just like other medications you have to be patient with them, and give them some time.  And because we are all different, one oil may work for one person one way, and another may need to try something a little different.  Just because it doesn’t work right away, doesn’t mean you give up on all natural medicines.  It means you try something different!  Anyway, I apply it twice a day to the back of his neck, or the soles of his feet, depending on whether he has socks on or not, or how big of a rush we are in to get out the door.  More often than not it gets applied to his neck because it’s more accessible, and well, we are usually in a rush.  I probably ought to put it on all of us first thing in the morning so we can focus on getting ready to get out the door!

According to my handy dandy Modern Essentials App, InTune contains the following single oils:

  • Amyris (West Indian Sandalwood)- known for promoting calmness, and relief from stress and tension
  • Patchouli- known for helping calm and relax and reducing anxiety
  • Frankincense-known for its antidepressant and calming properties, and is known for enhancing memory, reducing mental fatigue, helping focus energy, and aiding in concentration
  • Lime- known for helping with exhaustion, depression, and anxiety
  • Ylang Ylang- calming and used to help with anxiety and depression
  • Sandalwood-aids in focus and meditation.  has a calming effect
  • Roman Chamomile-calming and relaxing, reduces irritability and nervousness in hyperactive children

I’m not gonna lie, the patchouli scent took some getting used to; it’s quite strong at first, and reminds me of my college and early post college days.  His teacher has even commented on liking his scent, and I couldn’t help but wonder what she was really thinking (maybe something along the lines of hippies). Either way it is an oil we are enjoying, and if you have a child who is hyperactive or has trouble concentrating or has some sensorial sensitivities, based on our experience I would recommend giving it a go!

Contact me for more information by leaving a comment or head directly to my website at Thanks for reading and as always may our kitchens (and medicine cabinets) become a little less processed one day at a time!

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