Pineapple-Kale Smoothie and the Summer of 2015

Pineapple Kale Smoothie

Wow, this summer was the busiest and quickest one to date.  We drove to New York and back, drove to Portland and back, and then we drove each other up the walls and back!

This summer, my kids experienced boredom at its finest.  They each were privileged (or maybe it was my privilege) to one week of camp.  Other than that they were expected to use their imagination and entertain themselves avoiding electronics.  They did it.  They built forts, played store (I’m pretty sure the oldest is in possession of all money that was in the youngest one’s piggy bank), they built houses for grasshoppers (no wait, they built mansions for grasshoppers), they had bake sales, they rode bikes to the park and back (once they even brought a grill home with a free sign on it as well as a collarless dog that was here for awhile), and they learned to hit the tennis ball against the house. Can you hear it now??  They most certainly mastered the art of fighting with one another, but on the bright side they also mastered problem solving and compromise (and I mastered the art of letting them problem solve, for the most part).  Maybe mastered is a strong word though?!

Today, the first day back to school, I sit here in silence, and I feel good.  I mean really good.  It is silent.  Totally silent.  Can you imagine, just how good it sounds, right now?

No, in all seriousness, I feel good because I feel I accomplished something. My children now know how to handle boredom. I also feel accomplished that the perpetual fort that we call the upstairs, has officially been returned to the linen closet and routine and normalcy can resume, and hopefully that means my blog too!

Aside from surviving the endless summer days as a work from home mother, another thing that helps me feel accomplished, as you may guess, is getting greens into my children as often as possible.  This particular recipe that I am about to share is the first green smoothie I made the kids that they found palatable.  In all honesty, I do think I paid them $1 to try it the first time since the green color was a sure fire turn off, but they are game for it now, and that’s what counts!

Here’s what I use to make 2 large smoothies:

1 banana

2 packed cups of kale or other greens

1 cup of fresh pineapple

2/3 cup of coconut water or more depending on consistency desired

I put all ingredients in the ninja and whirl away.  I usually blend it for 3-5 minutes to really ensure the greens are palatable for the kids.  That’s it.  It is such an easy way to start the day out, right? I usually pair this with some scrambled or fried eggs as a protein. Now, if only I could get both kids to agree on the style of eggs they desire, then it would be even easier!

Well, thanks for stopping by, and sorry it has been so long.  I’ll raise a green smoothie glass today in honor of routine and structure and cozy fall nights that lie ahead. Wanna join?

As always, may our kitchens (and medicine cabinets) become less processed one day at a time!


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