A Day in the Life of a Family with an Essential Oil Nut for a Mom

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You know how about 2 weeks after you have your first child and you can hardly remember what life was like prior to the lack of sleep, spit up, icky diapers, cantaloupe sized breasts that ache and leak, endless feedings at all times of day and night, etc?  Well, that’s how I feel about my essential oils.  I mean not exactly; they aren’t messy and painful to use (unless of course you get peppermint or oregano or something of the like in your eyes), but it’s the same feeling in the sense that I cannot imagine life without them!

Here’s what a typical day in the life of a family with an essential oil nut for a mom looks like!

  •  Alarm goes off.  Apply Peppermint to the soles of feet to get all my systems invigorated and running.  I am not a morning person.  Not in the least.  Peppermint helps me tremendously have a touch more cheer and ability to speak in the mornings! Halleluja!
  • Apply Frankincense to the soles of my feet to promote mental health (or rather to promote less screaming, freaking out, chucking things or just quitting altogether and going back to bed) and to support my immune system (well because if I am holding all that aforementioned stuff in I imagine that would compromise my immune system, wouldn’t you?) .
  • Get to the kitchen, turn on the tea pot, read daily devotions and meditate for as long as it takes the water to boil, and then make tea for me, make tea for my daughter, fix 2 lunches, wake the boy, fix breakfast for 3 maybe 4 if there’s time, give the children their vitamins (they take a children’s vitamin and an omega complex, as well as a probiotic that are all amazing), secretly applaud myself for remembering and that they no longer complain about taking the supplements, take my supplements (they too are amazing and designed to target pain and inflammation as well as increase energy), calmly remind children to clear the table, calmly remind children to brush teeth and make their beds, calmly remind them 3 more times, use some lavender because if I have to remind them once more it might not be so pretty.  Just kidding, the Frankincense keeps me ridiculously calm. Then I go get dressed so that I do not royally embarrass them upon drop off.  You should see my hair in the morning!
  • Remind the boy 19 times to get his shoes and socks on and make sure the lights are off.  Realize that I’m still calm and the Frankincense must really be working. Ask the children to take their shoes and socks OFF because, crap, I forgot to put oils on them, I was only thinking of myself.  Layer the pre-teen daughter with lavender and the grounding blend for mood support (enough said, right?), layer the boy with our focus blend (dab a little on myself because the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree) and lemon (it’s uplifting qualities are just what he needs to have a little pep in his step, he moves slower than the tortoise in the tortoise and the hare, and it has detoxifying qualities). Empty the boys pockets of the various tiny action figures and other random items that he thinks he needs for school.  Check his backpack to make sure he didn’t stuff more in there. Get the children to school.  Return home.
  • Grab the diffuser from upstairs, fill it with water, and add an oil of my preference. Usually I start with the grounding blend.  It’s just the calm I need to recenter and get ready to tackle my agenda for the day, which usually starts with the mound of dishes in  both sides of the sink as well as on the counter.  Not my favorite part.  Once those are done though I take a deep breath, and dig into my work. You know the work that pays me work.
  •  Work non-stop in the peace and quiet until mid afternoon.  Decide on my pick me up. I’ll throw a little peppermint oil in the diffuser, depending on the time, or I’ll pop a peppermint beadlet in my mouth if time has gotten away from me and I have to rush out the door.  About 3:20, I say a little prayer thanking God and the universe for the solitude, peace and quiet, and for the inspiration to whatever it is I did that day, during those few select and precious hours. Did I mention they were peaceful and quiet? I take a hit of lavender and get on my way.
  • Grab the kids from school, make a snack, or two or three.  At least it seems that way.   Drink some lemon water (I like the detoxifying qualities towards the end of my day. Take my afternoon supplements.  Drive them here.  Drive them there.  Apply a little focus blend on the boy. Try to help with homework.  God it’s painful.  Apply Lavender to get through the torture of homework.  Ask my husband to help with homework, because I am getting no where.  Make dinner.  Ask someone to set the table, because crap dinner is ready and that should be their job.  Think about doing it myself because that would be easier, remind myself that they need to do it.  Ask again.  Feed the family. Do the dishes.  Remind the children to bathe, brush their teeth, and not fight with one another.  Remind them a few more times.
  • Fill up their diffusers with water and a few drops of lavender or the calming blend.  Add the protective blend to support their immune systems, because lord knows what they were exposed to throughout the day. Read to them or with them. or fall asleep while they read.  Kiss them good night, and go downstairs.  Go back upstairs and say goodnight again. Repeat like 1500 more times.  This is how I get my daily exercise.  It counts, right?
  • Bathe myself in the calming blend to promote good sleep. Just kidding.  I shower, and then apply a little to the soles of my feet.  I don’t have my own diffuser yet. I rub a little on my chest and on my pillow so I can sleep.  You know the kind of sleep where you fall asleep and stay asleep the whole night?  Read for a bit until I drift off into the deep sleep that used to only be achieved with OTC and prescription sleep aids.
  • Rise, Shine and Repeat

Stay tuned for my next blog, A Day in the Life of a Sick Family with an Essential Oil Nut for a Mom.  Not really, I won’t put you through that.  Well, not yet, anyways.

My aim here was to paint you a realistic picture of the oils that we’ve incorporated into our daily routines and how and when we use them, and the by product was a glimpse into the nuttiness that is our life.  In addition to the oils I mentioned above there are other oils that we keep on hand to meet our various needs as various ailments/issues come up.

All in all I’ve discovered, along with millions of others, that essential oils are safe when used correctly, they are effective when used correctly, and they are inexpensive.  A few pennies per drop.  And now they are essential.  An essential part of our daily routine.  An essential part of my medicine cabinet.  If you have interest in knowing more, I’d love to help you by answering any questions you may have and pointing you in a reliable direction.

Thanks for stopping by, and as always may our kitchens (and medicine cabinets) become a little less processed one day at a time!


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