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In case you haven’t noticed I’ve been struggling to keep up with my blog.  I think I say that every time I write one and I keep thinking I’ll do better, but I don’t, and strangely enough, that is a good thing, and I’ll tell you why.

I launched ‘myunprocessedkitchen’ in conjunction with my essential oil business a while back. My purpose was to inspire other families to take a closer look at how food affects our health and overall wellbeing. I wanted to incorporate my family’s personal journey with food and share what I have learned; so I set out to share wholefood recipes with unprocessed ingredients, as well as some funny stories about my family’s life.  The recipes would be kid-tested and husband-approved. Who wouldn’t love that?

And then I wanted to share my passion for essential oils and show regular-not-so-granola-crunching people how to use them in a way that suited their lifestyles. I mean, I used to associate natural medicine with a different breed; one that secretly, or not so secretly (this is a public blog after all) lives inside of me.  You know, the you-have-to-be-more-in-touch-with-the-earth-than-I-am-at-this-stage-in-my-life breed? The you-have-to-meditate breed? The I-wear-patchouli breed? And the I-drive-a-VW-bus breed?

Now, I will admit to owning a VW bus at one point, but until essential oils came into my life, I never wore patchouli, had no success with meditation, and my collection of turquoise is limited to one piece.  I secretly, or not so secretly, prefer pearls.

When I discovered that using essential oils was really not that hard or weird, and that the benefits included not only smelling good, and being safer, and just as effective as their over-the-counter counter parts, but the benefits also included not meeting our rather small deductibles with our insurance company for the first time ever (can you believe it?), I wanted to share. I had to share.

So when I launched, the two components seemed related and the name ‘myunprocessedkitchen’ seemed appropriate at the time. I mean most medicine cabinets are in the kitchen, right?  None of that has changed on my end. Well if you’re an avid reader and believer in my blog, maybe the place of your medicine cabinet has changed because you don’t need as much room anymore for all those bulky boxes and containers.  It’s now beautifully organized with a collection of cute little brown bottles that smell a whole lot better than that orange flavored cough syrup that makes you want to gag, right?

And I guess on your end I am secretly, or not so secretly hoping, the ingredients in your cupboards look a little different.  Maybe in all honesty, a bit more like one described in the stereotypical breed above?
Here’s the real deal though, ‘myunprocessedkitchen’ has evolved to become TERRA TRIBE (terra means earth and the tribe is in an effort to embrace my inner granola crunching self and because we are in this together, you know, like our grandmother’s always told us, it takes a village), which is why I struggle to keep up with all the recipes and daily stories about how the oils are working for us.  I’m still just as passionate about the food choices we make and about educating others about natural solutions, but I have a new gift to share.  As I’ve built my own business I’ve landed in a role where I am coaching and supporting people on how to get started and how to succeed branding their own business in the multi-billion dollar health and wellness industry. I love it.  It is extremely rewarding, and it offers all walks of life a Plan B.

So, it’s official; ‘myunprocessedkitchen’ is now TERRA TRIBE.  You can expect the same good stuff via Instagram, my Facebook page, twitter, and my blog.  There will be recipes, pictures of meal ideas with recipes that will eventually follow, funny stories (or not so funny depending on the angle that is you in the story), and information on how to use essential oils.  That content will remain the same, but there will be more.  And I’m really grateful for that.  I’m grateful to be on this journey with you. I’m really grateful for the growth and change that I’ve experienced and will most certainly continue to experience along the way.  I’m grateful for my TERRA TRIBE.

So, if you are like I was, and seeking a career change later in life, or feeling stuck where you are for one reason or another; or you’re a parent who is torn because you want to be home to care for your kids, but you want to make a substantial living; or maybe you’re an individual that didn’t choose college, but you have an entrepreneurial spirit you know you need to tap into (by the way, I’m all but one of those), contact Terra Tribe today to start the conversation, and learn about your options.  And if you’ve never tried essential oils, or maybe you want to talk about a healthier lifestyle; I want to talk to you about that too. Today is as good a day as any to gather information and make that first step towards change. TERRA TRIBE will support you.

 TERRA TRIBE: Education and Empowerment for a Healthier Tomorrow



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