Eternal Dilemma Resolved


My journey with the essential oil industry and network marketing starts years back.  In fact it dates back to before the essential oil company I chose was a company.

Because we all have this granola-crunching stereotype associated with natural remedies and the people that seek them out, humor me.  A likely beginning to this story might start in my early 20’s where I drove a ‘71 Volkswagon bus, followed a band, and wore clothes that I had made.  That would be less than surprising right?  While all those things are true about me, the heart of my journey with the industry didn’t start there.  It started when I was pregnant with my first child. I gave up my job as a Montessori Elementary Educator to be home with my children.  To live the American dream I thought I wanted.  You know the one with the stereotypical roles where the husband provides and the mom is like June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver.  I’d be the mom that tends to the children twenty-four hours a day, makes only home cooked meals, keeps the house immaculate, and never loses her cool.  I’d be the perfect mother, the perfect housekeeper, the perfect wife, and I’d be happy because I didn’t have to go to a job every day.  How glamorous, right? Seriously, I wish I had thought that one through. Cleaning toilets and diapers alike, is so not glamourous or dreamy.

I was no June Cleaver and my house is/was far from immaculate. Going from living off two mediocre incomes to living off one sucked. First world problems I know, but my problems all the same. Watching my husband take on the financial burdens of being the sole provider for our family was too much. We were trying to be responsible and save. Save for college, save for retirement, save for an emergency, save for braces, and possibly save for an occasional vacation.  We were saving for the future, but with all the stress we felt there was no guarantee this family would have a future.

Consequently I began feeling what society says; that being home and caring for the kids doesn’t have value in the same way that having an income does.  It began to seem to me that making financial contributions to the family might be more important, and perhaps then I might be valued more by society, by myself, by the people in my family.  So as many of us do when the grass is greener on the other side, I went to the other side.  I went back to work. Better you might ask?  Not so much.  Now I had two full-time jobs; being a full-time mother and being a full-time teacher.  I seemed to be pulling off mediocre at best when it came to both.  Plus, as a teacher I made a third of what my husband made, so that meant I got to be the lucky one to take the day off when the kids were sick and then suffer the guilt for missing a day’s work.  Or I would drag the kids with me and again feel guilt for making them tough it out when I knew they might vomit soon after we got there.

To sum it all up, with two jobs I was more tired than ever. I had all this guilt, and we seemed to be no better off financially.  What to do?

Again and again I faced the same dilemma.  It sucked.  I wanted to work to alleviate the financial stress my husband felt, and equally as importantly, because work fulfilled me in a way that being home did not.  I also wanted to care for my children; I wanted to be there to pick them up from school, and drop them off; to attend school performances and their after-school practices.  Coming from a broken home myself, I wanted to give them all the things I thought I never had.  Plus, someone had to be there to care for the house, to do the laundry, and cook meals that weren’t from a box.

Being home wasn’t working and working a full-time job to support someone else’s dream wasn’t the answer.  I now know.  I tried four times in the course of seven years to make it work.  Each time thinking, well the kids are a little older now, it should be easier.  It wasn’t.  It was the same story, different year.

Here’s the beautiful thing though. I made many great connections through teaching. Parents, colleagues, and kids alike.  A couple of those connections had similar stories as I did, but they had the courage to do something about it.  I watched them do something I would never do, or so I told myself.

They did the unthinkable in my community of friends; they started their own businesses with a network marketing company.  I cringed at first, and then as the years passed, I shook my head in disbelief.

They worked tirelessly with their businesses.  I was tired at times just watching them from a far, but in five short years they were making a seven figure income, and they seemed to really enjoy it.  They did all this with a home-based business; setting their own hours, working when they wanted, how they wanted and where they wanted.

It all was pretty amazing to watch, but slinging skin care products or jewelry was not my thing.  I mean, I drove a VW bus that I may or may not have lived in, wore clothes made of hemp, and frequently drove across the country to see my favorite band for the better part of a decade.

Good friends are my thing though.  And I’ve made lots of good ones through the messy middle that is my life.  After spilling my guts about my eternal dilemma to a dear friend for the umpteenth time, she asked me would I consider network marketing. Honestly I didn’t even know she was involved.

Because I had witnessed these other women, who were nice, kind and not stereotypical network marketers, create their own financial peace, independence, and success, I gave it a second look.  I am so glad I did.

I have been truly empowered as a woman.  And then there’s this…..Through my journey with the industry thus far, I have developed a profound respect for the network marketing industry.  I love how direct sales levels the playing field when it comes to creating success; whether you’re a single parent trying to create an income to support your family, a stay-at-home parent looking to find some balance between career and kids, or someone with an entrepreneurial spirit that needs tapping into.  I think about my son’s future.  He has learning disabilities; he may or may not make it to college.  With the right network marketing company, I know he has a chance.  It offers everyone a chance if they are willing to work at it.  It is not easy.  It will force you to grow personally as well as professionally.  But it offers you the chance to be the entrepreneur of your own organization, of your own life.

So here I sit in the comfort of my own home on this snowy November day, working for myself, and getting paid! My entrepreneurial spirit has been unveiled, through I dare say, network marketing, and I am very grateful.


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