Certified Pure Rosemary Oil and Mindfulness


As you may know I am working on making 2016 the year of mindfulness.  I’m spending lots of time in prayer, and meditating. Making time for stillness, and for self-care, and I’ve even begun some therapeutic yoga on a weekly basis.  I feel like yoga is helping me connect more with my body, as well as my mind, but for now, mostly my body.  I’m spending time just noticing how my body feels, which most of the time is sadly not very good, or evenly distributed, and I feel like once sitting in my body becomes more comfortable, I’ll be able to focus more on quieting my mind.

To help facilitate this greater consciousness, I’m really enjoying the use of Certified Pure Rosemary Oil.  Did you know that Essential Oils can facilitate Emotional Healing on many levels? According to the book, Emotional Healing with Essential Oils by Daniel MacDonald, there are 5 stages to what I will call Essential Healing.

  • Essential Oils aide in the healing of our physical selves
  • They assist in healing our hearts
  • In releasing limiting beliefs
  • Aide in increasing spiritual awareness and connection
  • And thus aide in inspiring the fulfillment of our life’s purpose

My friend mentioned to me after reading my most recent blog article that she thought Rosemary was the oil to help one get connected with their true self.  If I was aiming for mindfulness this would be a great start.  So, since I’m knee deep in this personal growth development program I’ve created and enrolled myself in since turning 40, it seemed appropriate to investigate more.

Here is what Macdonald says about Rosemary. It is the oil of knowledge and transition.  It is meant to help us further develop true knowledge and intellect of ourselves and those around us.  It helps us to take a deeper look at things and ask deeper questions, helping us find more inspiring answers.

I can’t really tell you how it’s able to do all this but I can tell you that it seems to be working.  In all honesty, my husband probably wishes I would lay low on the Rosemary for a while, lol! Funny thing is once you start in on this exploration of your true self, you can’t really go back.

Interestingly, I also discovered, rosemary can be helpful with children suffering from learning disabilities, and if you know my son’s story you’ll understand why I find diffusing it to be incredibly necessary and helpful.  My understanding is that it works to support him in receiving and make sense of new information and experiences.

It’s also useful for us at this time, because it can be beneficial in times of change or transition.  With mamma working full-time from home, and embarking on a new stage of her business which will include travel, we as a household are in full on transition.  Rosemary helps me and I believe my family be more content with this time of transition.  It offers us peace in what would normally feel chaotic. Like I said,  I can’t really explain why, but according to Daniel Macdonald, he says just this,” Rosemary invites us to trust in a higher more intelligent power than ourselves.  It supports us in feeling confident and assured during times of great change in understanding or perspective.”

So my conclusion is this. I dig it.  I’m down with Certified Pure Rosemary Oil.  If you’d like to know more, I’d love to hook you up with the right resources and oils.




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