Essential Oil for the Fail: Cypress



So typically I don’t leave home without my emotional healing and essential oils guide book.  If that hasn’t made me a little nutty about essential oils, I don’t know what would.  Lucky for me the book is not super large compared to the size of my bag, but then again my bag isn’t your average bag.

So this book is great and it comes really in handy from time to time.  Like this week.  In case you don’t know me, I’m in a travel program right now, traveling.  I’m traveling a lot.  If you’re my FB friend I apologize for the redundant message.  A girl’s got to market when the stakes are high and the medium is free! Thank goodness the program only last four months, because when you have children at home they can change a lot in 4 months.  Mine have become incredibly independent which is great, except for when it’s not, if you know what I mean…

Anywho, the purpose of the program I’m in is to grow my leaders and the company that I distribute for is investing in me to do this.  I get to travel, work, and spend time with my loved ones that live near and far.  Again it’s really great, except for when it’s not.

You see I’m a perfectionist.  An overachiever.  Typically in the past I’ve been someone who falls apart with failure.  Like really falls apart.  Crying.  The works.  And then of course once I fail, I never go back.  Who wants to feel all that? The old me would always run the other way once the head on encounter with failure occurred.  And I can run fast.  Really fast.  Where do I run?  Right back to my comfort zone.  Where I am good at everything I attempt to do.  Where no one has to see that I’m just average, or well where no one has to see me at all.  It’s a real easy way to keep the ego intact, you know what I mean?

Well thank goodness for personal growth programs, books, essential oils and all the endless podcast I listen to, because now I can’t do that and not feel like a cop out.  Now I’ve been challenged to think differently.  To react differently. And I’ve got to admit I kind of like how it feels.

I’m getting pretty good at failing and not giving up, but right now with my program, there are big stakes, or at least in my mind and heart.  I’ve set out to complete the program, and the reality is I may or may not.  Chewing on that is tougher than I thought. So, since I’ve done my best and my efforts are either going to pay off or not, I decided to take a break today, do a little blogging and look into some oils that might help me relax and release the need to control or perfect the outcome. I’ll get out there and keep at it come Monday. But for now I need to truly be at peace with whatever happens come April 30. My goals will be met, and I’ll continue or they won’t, and guess what????  I’ll continue. And I hope to do it without all the tears.  With just contentedness.  That’s what I want.

Guess what? There’s an oil for all this, haha.  I know its cliché.  But really there is.  Here’s what my favorite author in regards to emotional healing and oils, Daniel Macdonald has to say, “This oil (cypress) is especially indicated for individuals who are mentally or emotionally stuck, stiff, rigid, tense, over-striving, or have perfectionist tendencies. This ‘hard driving’ stems from fear and the need to control.”

That right there my friends is money.  Our fear comes from our need to control the outcome.  Well at least mine does.  My desired outcome is usually not to fail. I’m growing but it’s not like I’m at a point where I desire to fail.  Do people get to that?  Hmm, I wonder.

Macdonald says when we use Cypress we can let go of our worries and our need to control and begin to enjoy the ride.  It becomes not so much about the destination but more about the journey.

Now can I order that in a 5 gallon bottle?  This 15mL is not going to cut it!


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