5 Things Every Home Based Business Owner with Kids Should Know


In my last post way back in the spring, before the kids were under toe 24/7, I was traveling the country educating others on the beauty of CPTG essential oils and how they work and can make a difference in our lives and in regards to our current healthcare crisis here in America.  The good news is, since writing that article, I didn’t in fact invest in a bulk supply of cypress essential oil, because overall things came together for me.  I graduated the travel program, I was so fearful I wouldn’t. Woo-hoo. And, I returned home ready to ride the wave of momentum I had created over all those months. I was ready!

NOT…. The universe had other plans for me.  Instead, productivity from a business standpoint was hard to come by. And seemingly from the moment my last plane landed. Sigh.

I was, however, to experience a different kind of productivity all over again. I became productive at shuffling the kids back and forth all day long from one activity to the other, at making one meal after the other, at picking up the endless legos and dirty socks and shoes, at washing dishes, washing clothes, washing faces, at raising my voice, at repeating myself endlessly to stop fighting, at closing the door upteen times (even though we live in MT, we don’t live in a barn), and at not making a peep in the house in the early morning so the children could sleep as long as possible, and I could enjoy a few moments of quiet, and meditation so that my patience would more or less stay in tact once the chaos ensued. *

Anyways, I learned 5 valuable things about working from home during the summer, that everyone who is new to running a business from home should know:

  • Either enroll the kids in camp, or adjust your expectations of having the same kind of momentum in your business as you do when the kids are in school.
  • If the kids aren’t in camp (it’s torture to not have them in camps, but I secretly enjoy the squirm of true boredom), roll with whatever comes your way.  Don’t stress when your business doesn’t look the same during summer as it did during the routine season.  Just do what you can , but whatever you do, don’t quit. I finally relaxed and decided to maintain.  I decided to focus on taking great care of the customers I do have, but I accepted I wasn’t going to win new ones at the same rate I had been. You do however have to block out some time for this.  I thought I would work at night after the hubby was home, but I found I was way too tired for anything but a glass of wine, and a good book. Instead we had daily showings of whatever was on TV for an hour or so…100% guilt free screen time….judge me all you want… haters gonna hate…
  • Most Successful business owners have wonderful relationships with their clients and those in the community. So relax, have a margarita or a cup of tea, and connect with your people. Make new friends. Go for hikes, play some tennis, picnic or shoot hoops with your kid at the local park. Don’t worry about the rest.  Just be yourself, and have fun.
  • Residual Income is awesome.  You can still get paid even though your productivity is minimal. I have to clarify, there is most definitely a correlation between productivity and level of pay.   The more productive you are (with business related activities) the more the pay is, but in the case of residual income, there is still decent pay, despite minimal effort, at least in my case for these few short, I mean super freaking long, months (felt like years).  For that I am grateful.**


*wish we could get paid for this kind of productivity.  Then we would be talking.  But that is a soapbox article for another day….

** Want more information on the power of residual income? Click here for one of many interesting reads online or contact me for more information on earning residual income in the essential oil industry.






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