Are You Missing a Critical Message?


How is your body feeling?  What state is your mind in?  Are you constantly in overdrive trying to meet the demands of everyday life?

Often times our body is sending us messages, and with the pace of today’s life most of us are too busy to listen.  Ultimately, repeatedly ignoring these messages can result in a weakened immune system, eventually culminating in an illness sometimes a nasty one.

Just the thought of being ill brings many of us feelings of incredible anxiety, nervousness and tension.  We feel too busy to deal, and begin worrying that everything will fall apart at home and/or in the work place.

We may seek out medication at the first signs of illness because we feel we don’t have time to be laid up. Or maybe we seek out medications to ease our minds from the constant feelings of having to go go go.  We pump ourselves full of caffeine to keep going even when our minds and bodies desire otherwise.  We seek out sleep medications or anxiety medications or alcohol to unwind and turn off the mind when it comes time to sleep.  And we repeat the cycle day in and day out.

We medicate ourselves for the chronic pain, because it saves us time.  We can’t afford not to persevere through the pain because there are things to do and we are the ones that have to do it.

Can you relate?  Most of America can is my guess.

As I expand my coaching practice I see over and over the same pattern.  Our bodies and minds are sending us messages, and we ignore them persevering past them because we have things to accomplish.  My question then becomes this, if we keep ignoring the messages our bodies are sending us, might that ultimately cost us everything in the end?  Also, might that be one of the largest contributors to the health and obesity crisis we have at hand?

Ultimately I’m here because I’d like to encourage you to slow down and listen to your body.  Send some time figuring out what it is telling you.  For example, if you put on excess weight, ask yourself why?  Are you stressed and eating poorly?  Are you eating healthy but not making time for exercise? Are you drinking too much because you need to disconnect from the hustle and bustle?

If you aren’t sleeping, might it be because you are drinking too much caffeine? Or perhaps it is because you are exercising too late in the evening, or because you spend too much time on a screen before bed?  Maybe it’s because you are in this vicious cycle of caffeine and alcohol, both which contribute to poor sleep?  Maybe it’s because you are in pain due to the inflammatory foods you are eating?

Listening to our bodies and recognizing the messages they are sending us is the first step to a more balanced and peaceful existence.  The second step is taking action.  If you struggle figuring out what changes you need to make, or sticking with them, finding a health coach or even an accountability partner can be very beneficial. The most important piece however is to stop and listen, and then figure out a way to respect the messages your body is sending.  For without the body you aren’t going to accomplish anything to be frank.

For more tips and strategies on finding balance in life be sure to follow this blog and follow terra tribe essential solutions on FB, Instagram, &google plus.  You’ll find tips, recipes, and inspirational ideas for becoming your best self.  If you like the idea of working with a holistic wellness coach you can also email me at for a complimentary discovery session.


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