Top 7 Coping Skills for Depression


After my latest blog entry on gratitude and its role in minimizing the grip depression tends to take on me, I thought it worthy to share some other coping skills I’ve found effective in keeping me in the lightness. I practice many of these on a daily basis, although some have been more of a process in which I’ve acquired an awareness after seeking guidance in various forms.

  • Gratitude-journaling not only what I have to be grateful for but also journaling about what within me I must be grateful for. See my previous article here.
  • Proper Nutrition- eating a diet that is proper for my unique body type and chemistry has been essential. What we eat can have a profound effect on how we feel, how we digest, and the chemical constituency of our bodies
  • Movement- engaging in regular movement not as punishment for eating, but as a way of nurturing and loving our unique body type
  • Spending time in Prayerful Meditation-Even just a few minutes each morning gives me a boost of strength.
  • Learning about your original wounding and moving through it- most of us have experienced at least one, if not one many events that have led to some thinking patterns that don’t serve and uplift us. Taking the time to work with a professional or finding a good journaling series to uncover this can be pivotal in shifting how you deal with depression, and whether you find yourself in the darkness that is to begin with.
  • Affirmations- acknowledging limiting beliefs for what they are and transposing them with new truths that support your uniqueness and your innate worthiness
  • Natural Solutions- Supporting yourself consistently with quality supplements, self-care rituals (like a daily cup of tea or a few minutes with a good book), and aromatherapy can be foundational in overcoming the blues as they creep or try to crash in.

Do you suffer from cyclical bouts of depression? What other coping skills have you found effective in moving through your depression? I’d love to hear other ideas, because we can all use more tools in the toolkit, if you know what I mean!

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