Need More Energy? Try Eating for Energy



One of the most common reasons people struggle with moving in a more positive direction with their health, is lack of energy.  We don’t workout because we don’t have the energy, we eat poorly because we don’t have the energy to go to the store or cook that wholesome meal, we don’t meditate and pray because we don’t have the energy.  Think of all the things you would accomplish right now if you had more energy.  Is your list pretty lengthy?

Our culture is currently one that suffers from the dis-ease of busyness (see previous article here), and as a result we are a tired and worn out nation, who has little room to consider anything but our day to day responsibilities, and sadly our health and well-being is paying the price. Have you seen the stats? We are like a tube of toothpaste, gone empty.  We are squeezing every last drop of energy we can from anywhere we can get it, and often times it comes in the form of energy drinks, caffeine, and refined carbohydrates, that without a doubt give us the quick boost we are looking for. Once we hype ourselves up on these, we then have to settle ourselves down with alcohol or sleeping sedatives to close the day.   Sound familiar?

But what if instead of reaching for a quick fix for that energy low, we could create lasting change? Instead of riding the roller coaster with all the ups and downs, twisty turns, and bumps, we could put you in a luxurious convertible where you could smoothly cruise the highway and enjoy the ride and all its glorious scenery?

I’m hear to tell you we can! It’s not a quick fix, like a cheap band-aid that needs replacing every time you wash your hands, but its the kind of fix that can last a lifetime, and heck, it may be cheaper in the long run than that bill that comes with your deteriorating health.

Here’s the good news, while the fix may not be quick, it’s pretty simple. And it starts with a trip to the local grocery store, or farmer’s market. Here’s the deal, the more we can provide our bodies with nourishing wholesome foods, the more we give our bodies the macro and micro nutrients they need to function optimally.  Our cells become happy, can function as they are designed to, leaving our bodies in a more harmonious and thus peacefully energized state.

Give these 4 things a try right away to get moving in the right direction:

  • Drink more water: ditch the energy drinks, sports drinks, sodas, coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, and sugary juices as often as you can.  Your body is made of water, and when it diminishes and you get even a little dehydrated, your energy suffers.   Try drinking  one 16 oz glass of water to start your day and give you an extra boost.
  • Eat wholegrains whenever possible instead of processed refined grains.  When a grain is processed it is stripped of the nutrients that our bodies so desperately crave; the nutrients that give us energy.  Stay away from products made with enriched flours as well.  They just add a handful of the nutrients back in but it’s still not the same as getting them as the earth provides.  Give oatmeal or a creamy polenta a go for breakfast.  Homemade granola made with honey or maple syrup can be great too.  Be careful with store bought granola as the sugars can be very high!
  • Eat green veggies as often as possible.  Green veggies clean the body of toxins and impurities and give us more energy as a result.  They have so many of the vitamins and minerals our cells need to function optimally.  So love your cells and eat some greens for goodness sake.  And as often as possible!
  • Be intentional about relaxing your body and mind as often as you can.  We tend to spend much of our time with racing minds, full of worries, fears, or never ending to do list. This sends a stress response to the body, releasing chemicals that inhibit that harmonious flow and balance our bodies strive to maintain.  Start your day with a few minutes of me time to pray, meditate, and/or breathe fully.  Find a simple guided meditation on you tube and start with that if this is wholly new to you. Consider getting involved in yoga or some other form of exercise to release stress and create an abundance of energy through endorphin release.

In closing, eating for energy is about loving your body with nourishing foods so it can love you back. This doesn’t mean you have to stop treating yourself entirely, but you may find the more wholesome foods you intentionally add in, the less you crave the stuff that doesn’t serve you.

As a side note, if you are eating wholesome foods and still struggling with energy, it might be worth a trip to your doctor and/or getting started on some quality supplements. I say this because our soils are growing increasingly depleted of nutrients and our foods are being bread to be bigger and more beautiful leaving them less nutrient dense. These days getting everything we need with wholesome food alone can still be a challenge.  Taking quality whole food supplements to ensure we give our cells the micro and macro nutrients they need can be a great addition to eating more nutritiously and getting the energy naturally flowing from our bodies.

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