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My name is Aimee Schrank.  I have always had a love affair with food, and I have always cared about what I was eating.  While my ideals have changed for what the perfect meal is over the years, one thing has stayed the same; I love, love, love food.   I love to eat food, I love to make food and I now love learning about how what we ingest effects the body and mind.

I always thought I was a healthy eater/ consumer until about a year ago.  After discussing with a friend some of the “developmental” issues I had been seeing with my son, a friend of mine suggested I read the book Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Campbell-McBride.   In shortish form, the theory laid out in the book seemed logical.  There was also a “diet” or food regime included in the book which aimed to get at the root of the syndrome, which essentially is the cause of so many common ailments and issues in today’s society.  I encourage anyone interested in learning more to check out the book and research the theory.  It is very interesting and comprehensive!

After reading the book, doing my own research and reading testimonials, I thought I had to give it a try.  As we transitioned, I became aware of  how much sugar we were eating and how many other crappy OTC things we were putting in our bodies.  Most of us think, ” I don’t eat sweets, therefore I can’t be consuming that much sugar,” but I am here to tell you sugar is in everything.  I mean EVERTHING!  Sometimes it’s not even called sugar.  There are so many names for sugar (watch the documentary Fed Up).  Sugar is in condiments, canned and jarred sauces, canned and jarred fruit, even meats.  Bacon is usually cured in sugar.  Most yogurt and store bought cereals and granola are packed with sugar.  Sugar is even in a lot of our typical over the counter medicines and vitamins.  And don’t get me started on all the preservatives and things I can’t even pronounce that were going into the food we were eating that was supposed to be healthy.  I was appalled and my mindset about what was good for my family began to change.  Just because it was organic, gluten free, or all natural wasn’t good enough. It had to be whole, and more often than not, made by me!

We slowly began.  Bit by bit we eliminated grains and sugar, then other starchy foods, soy, uncultured dairy, and many, many other things.  In her book Gut and Psychology Syndrome, Dr. Campbell-McBride gives a lot of great information as to the science behind eliminating many of these foods.  Again it is a great read and very informative (I’ll leave it to her to explain the science)!

The results we’ve seen are a testimony in my mind to the science.  My son’s healing has been so tangible. Within two weeks of starting this regime his eczema disappeared completely.  That was worth something to me, but it was about all we noticed for a few months.  Then school started back up….  Every time I saw his teachers, they were over the moon with how well he was doing, and how he was surpassing the goals they set for him.  The new way of eating was working. I was so excited!  So far, so good, right?

Well….I reached another phase in this journey.  I convinced myself the theory was all nonsense and his progress was just because he was growing out of these issues. And hell, I was tired of cooking and washing dishes and reading so many labels, so this seemed as good of an excuse as any!  Low and behold I quit.  I didn’t tell anyone at his school, but I didn’t rush into the Standard American Diet(SAD) either.  I merely added oats, rice, some gluten free pasta and pizza. What’s wrong with that, I mean really can it be that bad? Over all, I was still feeling pretty good about how I was feeding my family.   And then, BAM!  His teachers took me aside one day and let me know they were seeing real changes in him.  He was unable to focus.  Rolling around on the floor.  Disengaged. He was OFF, big time.

What a gift it was to hear this and see this and now know in the bottom of my soul the only thing that had changed was the food he was putting into his body.  I have been given such a concrete example of what our food system is doing to our children, and to all of us I frankly believe.  This gift has revealed in me a passion for helping others, children and adults alike.  I am here to share what I have learned about nurturing my family in my unprocessed kitchen and I hope you enjoy and find room to make changes where you can, or just get inspired in some way!

Disclaimer:  The aforementioned book is an inspiration to me, but I do not abide by it perfectly.  I am fortunate enough to see results by doing things my own way.  It has served as a great inspiration and reference to me, and credit is due for that alone!


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